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Our Experience Spans Across Multiple Industries

Tobacco Processing: In-line analytical measurement of chemical and physical properties to optimize production and quality.

​​Peanut Processing: Implemented large scale optical-based sorting systems to ensure product quality for candy industry.

Tobacco Processing: Developed and implemented technology based system to optimize critical quality parameters in reconstituted tobacco paper making process.

Peanut Processing: Developed and deployed optical based automated sorting machines for critical quality improvement (microtoxin screening of contaminated products).

Injera Flatbread Making: Techno-economic feasibility and design for 2 million units/day capacity injera manufacturing plant from milling to packaged finished products.  

Commercial Scale Multi-ingredient Spice Plant: Techno-economic feasibility and designed of 10 ton / day production facility (processing and packaging).

Animal Feed Processing: Produced oil protein based animal feed supplements in a pilot plant by spray drying.

Meat Processing Plant: Quality control of beef patty processing.

Poultry Processing Plant: quality control of processed chicken and processing equipment.

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