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Manufacturing Technology Solutions

We offer single solutions, fully integrated production lines, or complete turnkey plant solutions tailored to meet your specific needs to help you:

  • Increase your productivity and efficiency

  • Improve product quality and consistency

  • Respond faster to market demands

Processing Technology
Berry Sorter-shutterstock_239675365.jpg
  • Fruit juice/pulpe processing line

  • Dairy processing line

  • Tea beverage processing line

  • Bottled water production line

  • Carbonated drinks production line

  • Tomato processing line

  • Pulse processing line

  • Dried vegetables and dired fruit processing line

  • Candy production line

  • Pasta production line

Packaging Technology
  • Granule and grains: e.g. seeds, coffee, peanuts, sugar, beans, rice, tea

  • Powder: e.g. milk powder, flour, sugar

  • Liquid and paste: e.g. edible oil, sauce, juice, chemicals, cosmetics

  • Weighing and counting: e.g. biscuits, candies, cake, bread,  tablets

Packaging Products
  • Paper products: machinery for making cups, bowls, plates, bags, boxes, etc.

  • Corrugated boxes

  • Plastic products: machinery for making bottles, cups, bowls, bags, large containers, etc.

  • ​Non-woven and woven: machinery for making shopping bags, rice bags, etc.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Cosmetics, soaps and detergent production lines 

  • Disposable diaper production line

  • Sanitary product manufacturing line

  • Paper / Tissue converting lines: e.g. stationary, toilet paper, facial tissue

Garment Assembly Accessoiries
  • Zipper production line 

  • Button production line

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